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About me

My foray into art
Since young, I am interested in art and have participated in children’s art competitions and made greeting cards for classmates. I rekindled my childhood passion when I met a group of like-minded artists in year 2011. Since then, I have been sketching and painting while holding a full-time job in IT and in teaching, up till recently when I decide to be a full-time artist. 

My art journey

I sketch with the Urban Sketchers around Singapore and overseas and am most honoured to share my enthusiasm in travel sketching at a talk held at the National Museum of Singapore. I also auctioned my paintings at charity events to raise funds for needy students.

After working very hard to improve my painting skills, I was admitted into the Singapore Watercolour Society in 2017 and is currently the society's Secretary-General. Since then, I participated in every of the society's exhibitions and sold my works in a number of group exhibitions including the Art Apart Fair.

My drawings of Singapore's sceneries were published in the Our Neighbourhood Series by Epigram Books, the Urban Sketchers Singapore Volume 2 book and the "Let's Draw Singapore" book created to commemorate 50 years of nation building for Singapore. Some of my sketches were also selected for feature in postcards distributed as memorabilia for community events.

Moving forward

will continue to strive for breakthroughs to create works that can capture and intrigue the art community. It is also my wish to share what I love with others and use my skills acquired through almost 20 years of teaching career to help others enjoy art.

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